Family Law Attorney in Des Plaines, IL


No one goes into marriage expecting to divorce. When you find yourself facing the end of your marriage, you need counsel from a family attorney that will understand the sensitive nature of family separation, and minimize the damage of court proceedings. Conrad & Associates in Des Plaines,IL is here to help you during difficult family law issues.

We represent clients on both sides of any family issue and do our best to help both parties live in peace and coexist. Custody & Visitation Sometimes, efforts to co-parent don’t go as planned. Divorce or separation can also lead to desperate behavior in one or both of the parents involved. You can count us for the guidance and representation you need to ensure the best outcome of your child/children.


Conrad & Associates primary aim is to represent all clients. If your need for an attorney is for legal issues such as collections,commercial property cases,do not hesitate to contact the Law office of Conrad & Associates.

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